Curent Team Members

Nafis Fuad is in his initial year of Ph.D. studies within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Wayne State University. He is part of the Emerging Mobility lab, guided by Dr. Xiaodong Qian. He holds a bachelor's degree from BUET and his research primarily intersects geospatial intelligence, transportation intelligence, and the application of machine learning. Nafis is well-versed in GIS and remote sensing tools, programming languages, machine learning, NLP, and the analysis of substantial data sets. His academic inquiry is centered on transportation planning and the study of travel behavior. Additionally, he has garnered research experience in disaster management and addressing issues related to climate change. Driven by a zeal for research, Nafis is not only committed to advancing scientific knowledge but also aims to convert scholarly insights into tangible, innovative solutions that positively influence society.  

Mr. Mostafa is currently pursuing his Ph.D. degree in Civil Engineering at Wayne State University and concurrently working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. Since September 2023, he has been an integral part of the Emerging Mobility Lab, where his research primarily focuses on Emerging Mobilities, Transportation Safety, Data-Driven Analytics, and Optimization Techniques using simulations. He possesses proficient skills in VISSIM, IHSDM, and MUTCD. Notably, he is actively involved in leveraging the role of CARLA simulation within the Emerging Mobility Lab. With a solid background in the RMG sector, Mr. Mostafa has acquired seven years of experience as a senior structural engineer. His industrial career has equipped him with valuable knowledge in workforce management and has honed his teamwork skills. Demonstrating competence in management, teaching, research, and development, he consistently strives to produce innovative and practical solutions.


Future Team Members

The Emerging Mobility Lab at Wayne State University (WSU), led by Dr. Xiaodong Qian, invites applications for one Ph.D. student position in areas of emerging mobility, pedestrian & cyclist safety, and transportation resilience. Prospective students must have a bachelor's or master's degree in engineering or related fields, such as Transportation Engineering. Preferred skills/experiences include spatial analysis, transportation simulation, data-driven modeling, and computer programming (Python, R, C, etc.). The expected start time is Fall 2024. Successful applicants will receive full tuition support and stipends (including summer) for the duration of their studies.

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